CSTI acoustics has performed sound and vibration measurements, modeling, and analysis on many environmental acoustics projects.

We have also designed treatments to reduce the impact of noise on nearby communities.

For DuPont Parlin Cogen in Sayreville, New Jersey, we designed treatments to meet state and local noise requirements.

We developed noise control treatments for Nabors to reduce the impact of a proposed drilling rig at Wytch Farm site.

For Fish Engineering & Construction, we measured and modeled noise at gas pipeline compressor stations to ensure compliance with FERC requirements.

For Fluor Daniel, CSTI acoustics designed treatments to meet community noise requirements for a carbon dioxide plant.

For Nabisco Bakery in Houston, Texas, we designed noise control treatments to reduce bakery noise in the community to meet the Houston city ordinance.

For Western International Gas & Cylinders, we evaluated complaints about noise from neighbors.

For Hughes Christensen, CSTI acoustics designed treatments to reduce community noise from dust collectors.

For Tulane University, we developed reverberation and sound isolation recommendations in response to community complaints about the noise from the batting cage.