CSTI acoustics works extensively in analyzing and resolving noise and vibration problems for industrial facilities. We conduct noise surveys, determine noise exposures, model noise, design noise control treatments, evaluate turn-key designs and installations of treatments, and solve vibration problems.  



Power plants


CSTI acoustics conducts ambient noise surveys, models noise levels, and designs treatments for power plants to meet noise requirements.

At the Brandywine Cogeneration Facility in Brandywine, Maryland, CSTI acoustics assisted Raytheon (now URS) by performing analyses and developing noise control treatments to ensure that the plant would meet the county noise ordinances.

For Duke Fluor Daniel, we worked on the reactivation of the Seward Power Plant in Pennsylvania by modeling noise levels and making sound measurements.

For Fluor Daniel, we measured and modeled cogeneration plant equipment noise and designed treatments to meet noise requirements in Bellingham, Massachusetts.

In Canada, CSTI acoustics worked with SNC Lavalin on a Brampton, Ontario power plant project, modeling noise, designing noise control treatments, and making sound measurements.

For Kauai Power Partners, we analyzed the potential environmental impact of a power plant and recommend mechanisms to meet the requirements.



Computer and electronics manufacturers


CSTI acoustics measures noise levels and designs treatments to reduce noise at computer and electronics manufacturing facilities.

For a computer manufacturer in Austin, Texas, we designed and guaranteed noise control treatments for in-plant noise control of manufacturing equipment.

For Sprint, CSTI acoustics recommended noise control treatments for a switching center.

For Texas Instruments, we developed noise control treatments for auditoria, offices, and laboratories.



Engineering companies


CSTI acoustics has helped engineering companies by determining noise requirements, setting equipment noise limits, modeling expected noise levels, and designing noise control treatments.

We conducted a noise study for Baytown Refinery for Jacobs Engineering Group, and, for Bechtel, we measured noise levels of vendor equipment in a shop test.

For Fish Engineering & Construction, we designed noise control treatments for pipeline compressor stations in California.

For Hudson Engineering/McDermott Engineering Houston, we modeled noise levels and designed treatments for offshore oil production platforms (Oso, Ekpe, Edop, and Ras Laffan).

For Mustang Engineering, now Wood Group Mustang, CSTI acoustics measured noise levels on Mobil's Oso platform in Nigeria. We also evaluated noise on other offshore platforms such as EKOZ, Holstein, Mad Dog, Peregrino, Tahiti, Thunder Horse, and Valhall.

For Raytheon Engineers & Constructors, we measured, modeled, and designed noise control for cogeneration plants in Maryland and Colorado.



Manufacturing facilities


CSTI acoustics has measured noise exposures and designed treatments to reduce noise for manufacturers of primary and fabricated metals, industrial equipment, and other products.

For ALCOA, we designed enclosures, noise treatments, and acoustic process control systems.

For Anheuser-Busch, we designed a control room (including noise control) for the power house.





We have analyzed and modeled noise at refineries, chemical plants, offshore platforms, and drilling rigs.

For Amoco, we evaluated a compressor noise problem and designed treatments for compressors and piping.

For BP, we analyzed NaKika’s noise and vibration environment.

For ExxonMobil engineers, CSTI acoustics developed noise control procedures.

For BASF, we measured noise levels, designed treatments, evaluated bids, and oversaw the installation of treatments.

For Chevron Chemical, we designed treatments to reduce process equipment noise.

For Hyundai, we evaluated noise on an offshore platform during the design stage.

For Shell, we developed a noise model for Mars B TLP, and, for Shell’s Manufacturing Complex at Deer Park, CSTI acoustics developed noise control treatments to reduce noise in a maintenance shop.

For Chevron Pipeline, we measured oil pipeline pump noise and designed noise control treatments.



Natural gas


We have measured noise levels and designed noise control treatments for compressor stations, metering stations, pumping stations, and gas storage facilities.

For Panhandle Eastern, CSTI acoustics analyzed and modeled compressor station noise and designed treatments.

For Raytheon Engineers & Constructors, we measured ambient noise and modeled gas storage facility noise.





CSTI acoustics has analyzed and solved noise problems associated with mechanical equipment, piping, and flares.

For National Oilwell Varco, CSTI acoustics conducted shop noise and vibration tests of mud pumps, drawworks, hydraulic power units, and fluid recovery systems.

For LeTourneau Technologies Drilling Systems, CSTI acoustics performed noise and vibration testing.

For Becthel, CSTI acoustics measured noise levels of vendor equipment.

For General Electric, we measured noise levels of motors and transformers, in accordance with vendor specification.

For Varco BJ, we conducted shop noise tests of top drives and designed noise control treatments.

For Weatherford, CSTI acoustics conducted shop tests of noise from cranes.

For Siemens, we performed sound level testing on a gas turbine package and used that data to calculate the expected sound levels in a residential community.