CSTI acoustics has been helping customers solve issues in vibration for decades.

From measuring, modeling, and analyzing vibration to resolving vibration problems, we have worked in both industrial and residential settings.

CSTI acoustics works extensively in analyzing and resolving vibration problems for industrial facilities. We have analyzed and solved vibration problems associated with mechanical equipment, piping, and flares.



Machinery and Process Vibration  


CSTI acoustics analyzes and corrects excessive noise problems arising from vibrating machinery, equipment, and piping.

For Fish Engineering, we made sound and vibration measurements to study pipe noise radiation.

For NIOSH, CSTI acoustics measured vibration on cylinders and honing equipment during honing operations.

For an oil company, we made measurements and investigated the vibration of building walls resulting from high-amplitude low-frequency noise from flare operations.

On an offshore platform in the North Sea, we documented that noise inside the discharge line is attenuated as a function of distance from the compressor.

For a primary metals manufacturer, CSTI acoustics made vibration measurements and recommended treatments to provide damping for a screw conveyor to reduce impact noise.



Shop tests  


CSTI acoustics conducts and/or observes tests done by manufacturers to assist the manufacturer and to protect the user.

For LTV, NOV, and LeTourneau, CSTI acoustics conducted shop noise and vibration tests for equipment such as blowers, air-cooled heat exchangers, mud pumps, drawworks, and cranes.