CSTI acoustics calculates vibration levels on decks using a number of approaches including SEAM models, Designer-NOISE models, and a CSTI acoustics approach that correlates well with measured data. These levels are then compared with vibration criteria.

For Mustang Engineering, we evaluated vibration levels from machinery according to the NORSOK S-002 criteria on BP Valhall and Hess Stampede offshore platforms.



Low-frequency vibration, in the range of 1 to 80 Hz, can interfere with the ability of workers to perform tasks. The organs of the human body, such as the stomach and heart, are supported inside the body cavity on a suspension system.

The resonance frequencies of these suspension systems are in this frequency range. Whenever a system is excited at its resonance frequency, it responds vigorously. Consequently, organizations such as NORSOK restrict vibrations at these frequencies for tasks involving human workers.