Residential acoustics consists of reverberation and echo control, sound isolation, speech privacy, mechanical noise and vibration control, and home theater design.

We have performed sound measurements and analysis, and we have offered recommendations for noise isolation and reverberation control in single-family and multiunit residential buildings.

For The Spires in Houston, CSTI acoustics performed floor impact noise transmission tests and developed treatments to reduce annoyance.

For McMurry Construction Co., we made noise isolation measurements and offered recommendations for the Galleria Hampton Inn.

CSTI acoustics also measured the noise isolation of loft apartments and made recommendations to the Randall Davis Company.



We can help eliminate these annoyances by determining the path by which the noise/vibration enters the home and providing recommendations for limiting the noise.

Whether you want to “sound-proof” your complete home or just create a “quiet” room like your bedroom or study, we can help.

Outside Noise

Keeping community noise out of your home can be a major challenge.

Whether the source of noise is aircraft, airports, traffic noise, bars, or outside equipment such as leaf blowers and pool pumps—to the neighborhood kids bouncing a ball.

Inside Noise

And sometimes the noise or annoyance comes from within your home! Think about the unwanted noise and vibration large appliances (such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and vent fans) can make.

We have solved your problem before and are available to assist you.