We see the butterflies. Do they hear us?

It’s March in Houston and in the 70s. (Our consolations to our northern readers.) And it hasn’t even been cold this year—no freezes yet. So already flowers are blooming, caterpillars are munching, and monarch butterflies are soaring.

Here are recent photos of a monarch caterpillar and butterfly from Bob & Marcy’s flower garden. This beautiful butterfly is the king of butterflies—hence the name monarch. It loves milkweed, which grows easily and scatters its seeds on the wind.

We don’t do butterfly acoustics, but it’s interesting to note that scientists thought butterflies were deaf. But, in 1912, butterfly ears were identified. The blue morpho seems to distinguish between high and low frequency sounds, presumably so it can know whether birds are calling to each other (so it can rest) or making low-frequency flapping noises with their wings (a good signal that it’s time to flee).

Enjoy the spring. And, if it’s not where you are, go find it—or just wait a little while.

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